Monday, 1 September 2008


so far i'm in sweden for 12 days and i really like it! everything but the weather. i got a cold 5 days ago and i still have a sore throat.

when we arrived in halmstad (the city i live now) some people from university should have met us at the railway station. but nobody did! we were so angry! thanks to our landlord - we called him and he explained how to get to his apartment.

the next day we went to the university. we had Nolling there. it's week of introduction meeting for nulls - those who don't know anything about the university (and for exchange students - who don't know about the city too).

it was lots of fun! although in the beginning it was really boring but after a couple of days it became funnier. we had sergeants - they were our groupleaders. they are all swedish. and they all wore masks and wigs so nobody would recognize them. but at the last party they were withou it and they were all introducted. that was very interesting to see their real faces.

on friday we had a small meeting for exchange students who study at IDE - that's our department. And today we had our first class - Swedish as a Foreign Language (we didn't have it on our schedule, so we had to sign up for it). it wasn't very hard. the language is pretty easy and it has many connections to english. tomorrow we'll have two classes. and so far we have 4 days of studying a week (we have our 2-week-schedule).

i'll try to post some photos later, we have a very bad internet in our room. or you can look at the photos at our blog - it's all in russian, but there are some photos there.

willie - i have you in my contact list in skype but it seems like you don't have me in! let's try to chat sometime!

i love you all guys! i'm very happy that i have such a great family!