Monday, 1 September 2008


so far i'm in sweden for 12 days and i really like it! everything but the weather. i got a cold 5 days ago and i still have a sore throat.

when we arrived in halmstad (the city i live now) some people from university should have met us at the railway station. but nobody did! we were so angry! thanks to our landlord - we called him and he explained how to get to his apartment.

the next day we went to the university. we had Nolling there. it's week of introduction meeting for nulls - those who don't know anything about the university (and for exchange students - who don't know about the city too).

it was lots of fun! although in the beginning it was really boring but after a couple of days it became funnier. we had sergeants - they were our groupleaders. they are all swedish. and they all wore masks and wigs so nobody would recognize them. but at the last party they were withou it and they were all introducted. that was very interesting to see their real faces.

on friday we had a small meeting for exchange students who study at IDE - that's our department. And today we had our first class - Swedish as a Foreign Language (we didn't have it on our schedule, so we had to sign up for it). it wasn't very hard. the language is pretty easy and it has many connections to english. tomorrow we'll have two classes. and so far we have 4 days of studying a week (we have our 2-week-schedule).

i'll try to post some photos later, we have a very bad internet in our room. or you can look at the photos at our blog - it's all in russian, but there are some photos there.

willie - i have you in my contact list in skype but it seems like you don't have me in! let's try to chat sometime!

i love you all guys! i'm very happy that i have such a great family!

Monday, 14 July 2008


One of the presents for my birthday was a webcamera. So, today Zhenya helped me install it and we tried it!!! It is so much fun!! I installed Skype too so now we talk online!!! Hooray!!! call me sometime - my nickname is katyapetrovna (as usual :)). I'm waiting for your calls!!!

Suzy's prophecy

The other day when preparing for the upcoming entering exam, I remembered how Suzy said that all I do is take exams. I'm starting to think that it was a prophecy! I got my bachelor's degree already and entered university of Sweden without any exams but I need to pass one to enter Volgograd State University and go to Sweden without any problems. So, Suzy, can you prophesy me something else, please?

Monday, 30 June 2008

EURO 2008

Yesterday, on Sunday, we had final cup EURO 2008. Played Spain and Germany. The whole game was tough. But the thing i liked a lot - we invited friends overnight (the game started at 10:30 pm) and watched it with soda and snacks. That was awesome! I never ate that much!

Oh, by the way, Spain is the Champion of Europe. We were cheering for Germany... :(

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Russia-Spain 0:3

On Thursday we had 1/2 final Europe Championship. Russia played with Spain. The whole Russia was waiting for this game!!! We were playing 1/2 final for the first time in 20 years!!! So, it's not a secret that Russia was mad about soccer that week.

So, on Thursday it was our 1/2 final. We went to our friends house and had everything prepared for the big game. and guess what??? 0:3!!! Sad, but Spain is a very strong team. So, now Russia is one of the 4 strongest socer teams in Europe - and that's amazing!
Preparing for the game...
Just practicing in case...

Monday, 16 June 2008

Movies week

Last week we had Independence Day or (how it's officially called) Russia Day! Hooray!!! And we had a 4-day weekend!!! So we decided to spend it with pleasure... :)

On Tuesday we went to movies with my friends. We watched Kung-Fu Panda! Wow!!! I never laghed that much! Great movie! We all liked the moment where Po and Master were finger-fighting. I had tears from laughing! After the movie we decided that Zhenya is Po and I am Viper. :) Anyway, if anyone had not seen it yet - you should!

On Friday Zhenya invited me to the movies. We went to see The Incredible Hulk. Cool movie!!! I loved it!!! We think that there must be a second part! I would go!
I wonder: is it contact lens or they really found a guy with green eyes?
Cutie, huh?
Another cutie...
So, how was YOUR last week? :)

Sunday, 8 June 2008

Presents for my B-day

As I don't have any news to tell (just because I seat at home and do nothing), I decided to tell you about my birthday.

It was on May 30, Friday and it was lots of fun! On Friday we decided to make a family dinner. Guess what happened? My aunt called and said she'll be coming, then my godmother called to say she'll come too, then my old friends came, another friends came... It was way fun to have lots of guests but not in the morning when me and mom had to run back and forth to make everything in time! But it turned out really good and way too much! We had lots of food left for the next day!
As you can see I got a lot of flowers! On the picture are flowers from Zhenya, the other ones were standing everywhere around the apartment and smelled good for a week!

On these pictures are me, my sister Olga, Sonya and our godmother (mine and Olga's). Sonya found this crown and went home wearing it! She is so funny!

From left to right: Anton (Olga's husband, Sonya's dad), Olga, me :), Valera Ivin and Svetlana Ivina. The last 2 people are working with my dad in Salehard and Valera is my father's boss. We know each other for a long time and my dad and Valera were studying together in university.

And now the presents: everybody gave me flowers - all of them were different and very beautiful! My grandfather grew the roses he gave me himself - they were red and white - gorgeous!

Valera and Svetlana Iviny gave me a collection of parfum Lancome - 5 different fragrances. When everybody left I decided to smell all of them. 4 of them I opened good but the 5th one - i spilled a little bit on myself and I likes it!!! They also gave me a cute photoframe - as they said "to put my parents on the desk in Sweden"! :)

Zhenya and his parents gave me 2 pairs of earrings: Zhenya with little hearts and his parents - simple circles but they are so great!!!

The next day my friends came and they gave me a webcamera!!! Hooray - so now we can talk to each other online!!!

My friends Vera and Nastya defended their thesises excellent so we decided that Nastya need a haircut! :) And I must say that Vera wants to learn how to make haircuts proffesionally. Is that a coincidence??? So, guess who made the haircut? That's right! And then she decided that I need a haircut too...

The birthday cake was great, although we had to buy it because we didn't have time to make it ourselves. But it was very good!!! And the birthday song was great!!!

Even Thomas liked it!!! :) He ate all the cream off the candles!

So, that's a little part of my birthday. I wish all of you were there! You're invited next year for my birthday in Sweden! :)

Thursday, 5 June 2008

Day V for Vera

It's strange but I decided to make my own blog too!!! Mostly that's because I plan to make lots of pictures in the next 16 months! ;)

On tuesday we had Day V. "We" is not "Russia", "we" is me and my friends.

Day V - it's Bicycle-Lasagne Party for Vera. There were three of us on this party - me, Vera and Nastya. As Vera couldn't ride a bicycle we decided to learn her how to do it. That was lots of fun! And guess what - it took us only 1,5 hours to learn her! Amazing! After only one hour she could ride for about 20 seconds, and after 1,5 hours she could ride without stopping for a long time! Me and Nastya are very proud of our student!!!

After that we decided to make lasagne. Mmmm... I'm a master of lasagne now!!!

As you can see - it looks pretty good - and it tasted great!!! Who wants the recipe - you're welcome to write me!!!

Yeasterday we also called to the Embassy of Sweden in Russia and they said that we have our visas!!! Hooray!!! So, we're leaving Russia on the August 19! That's so exciting! We already have plans for all weekends in Sweden! :)