Thursday, 5 June 2008

Day V for Vera

It's strange but I decided to make my own blog too!!! Mostly that's because I plan to make lots of pictures in the next 16 months! ;)

On tuesday we had Day V. "We" is not "Russia", "we" is me and my friends.

Day V - it's Bicycle-Lasagne Party for Vera. There were three of us on this party - me, Vera and Nastya. As Vera couldn't ride a bicycle we decided to learn her how to do it. That was lots of fun! And guess what - it took us only 1,5 hours to learn her! Amazing! After only one hour she could ride for about 20 seconds, and after 1,5 hours she could ride without stopping for a long time! Me and Nastya are very proud of our student!!!

After that we decided to make lasagne. Mmmm... I'm a master of lasagne now!!!

As you can see - it looks pretty good - and it tasted great!!! Who wants the recipe - you're welcome to write me!!!

Yeasterday we also called to the Embassy of Sweden in Russia and they said that we have our visas!!! Hooray!!! So, we're leaving Russia on the August 19! That's so exciting! We already have plans for all weekends in Sweden! :)

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Diana said...

Cool. It's in Russian. I've been taking my Russian Hymnbook to church lately and singing from it, instead of in English. :)

I'm glad you started a blog. This will be a fun way to keep in touch.