Monday, 16 June 2008

Movies week

Last week we had Independence Day or (how it's officially called) Russia Day! Hooray!!! And we had a 4-day weekend!!! So we decided to spend it with pleasure... :)

On Tuesday we went to movies with my friends. We watched Kung-Fu Panda! Wow!!! I never laghed that much! Great movie! We all liked the moment where Po and Master were finger-fighting. I had tears from laughing! After the movie we decided that Zhenya is Po and I am Viper. :) Anyway, if anyone had not seen it yet - you should!

On Friday Zhenya invited me to the movies. We went to see The Incredible Hulk. Cool movie!!! I loved it!!! We think that there must be a second part! I would go!
I wonder: is it contact lens or they really found a guy with green eyes?
Cutie, huh?
Another cutie...
So, how was YOUR last week? :)

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